“Motorcycling Montana” reader highly satisfied

We’ve had some great feedback from readers of “Motorcycling Montana” (click on the “feedback” button in the home-page header), but here’s the best one so far:

Mar 20, 2012

“Hi Cole,

“I picked up the guidebook I ordered at the Post Office yesterday. Thanks for the very prompt shipment. As soon as I got home, I cracked it open and started reading. Frankly, I can’t put it down! It reads like a great novel listed on the NY Times bestseller list!

“All I can say is “WOW!” What a phenomenal job you have done creating this masterpiece. I like everything about the content and format:

“- The high quality of the printing, paper & binding

“- The style and organization

“- The detailed maps (and the included Montana State [highway] map)

“- Marilyn’s “Passenger Perspective” (my wife Judy really enjoyed her comments)

“- The overview sections of the state and each region

“- The advertising

“Thank you for publishing such a great reference tool to riding here in our great state of Montana. I will definitely spread the word to all my riding friends.”


Jon Hesketh

Livingston, MT

Thank you, Jon! We have been in contact with this new friend and are now discussing riding the Beartooth Highway with him when it gets open, probably before Memorial Day this year as we’ve had little snow.

About the Book

Motorcycling Montana was conceived years ago, but in the summer of 2010, the time was clearly ripe to push forward with production of the guide. No such comprehensive guide exists for Montana – a true motorcycling Mecca – as it does for other states and provinces. It’s about time.

Motorcyle-Friendly Format

500 pages of informational text, maps and photos in an 8.5” x 5.5” by format, spiral bound so you can fold it open at the page you need for quick and easy reference. We chose an uncoated paper stock for the book’s pages to eliminate glare in bright sunlight or artificial light. We also chose a type size and typeface for maximum readability.

Organized for the Road

The Motorcycling Montana guide book is organized and divided along the lines established by the State of Montana’s Office of Tourism. Six tourism regions have been designated with three spread across the state’s northern tier and three across the south. Handy “gatefold” dividers bound into the book delineate the regions. (See sample excerpts.)

Buy the book

The introductory price is just $24.95 + $7.50 shipping.  (Note: there is no sales tax in Montana!) You’ll also find the guide for sale at all Motorcycling Montana advertiser businesses including fuel/C-stores, motels, restaurants, taverns, entertainment venues, attractions and, of course, motorcycle shops.





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Printed Book

Or get both Motorcycling Montana and Motorcycling Idaho
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“Very few know the motorcycling back roads of Montana like [Cole] does. This will be a must-own for anyone who rides Montana.”

— Montana Sen. Carmine Mowbray, Former Motorcycle Safety Foundation Instructor

Introduction from the Publisher, Cole Boehler

This book was initially conceived about 10 years ago, talked about in some earnestness six and seven years ago, and about four years ago I decided I would “definitely” do it … “when the time was right.” That’s when I started keeping a trip journal and purposely shooting a lot more photographs.

The “right time” arrived July 1, 2010 when I sold a monthly trade journal I had been publishing and editing for the previous 15 years. The work is now projected to be a steady flow through its initial distribution in October of 2011.

The style

I prefer to write in my own voice, like I’d write a letter, so I hope I’ve written you quite a few “letters” describing the best motorcycle routes in Montana from my personal, subjective perspective. You may agree or disagree with the contents of my road reports, but this is how I see them from my perspective of 33 years behind the handlebars.

Incidentally, I also use the Associated Press (AP) style guidelines employed by most newspaper journalists … unless I prefer otherwise. It is handy to be the writer, editor and publisher.

The organization

The state tourism development authorities awhile ago divided the state into six distinct tourism regions: three in the northern tier and three in the southern. We saw no need to reinvent that wheel so organized our book along the same lines.

The contents

Most highways in most regions are reviewed with plenty of specifics regarding routes and connections, road characteristics, design and pavement quality, scenery, geography, towns and amenities and expected potential hazards. In short, all the information I would want if I bought a motorcycle touring guide for an unfamiliar state.

What we don’t give you is tons of minutia. You won’t find mile-marker-to-mile-marker descriptions of every segment of every highway. We have seen motorcycle guides like that and have showed them to fellow riders who all wail, “Too much detail!” We do give you the important information you need to make good basic decisions, but allow you to discover the intimate details on your own, which is an essential part of the touring experience in our view.

Nor does the book cover every single piece of the tarmac in the state, but darned close to it. The few of these are in the remotest eastern edges of the state, which few would consider riding destinations.

We decided to include commercial advertising for a number of reasons, but primarily because advertising is, in fact, valuable, useful commercial information if the content is correct and relevant for a specific audience. Our advertisers are reaching out specifically to touring motorcyclists and are providing information that should improve your tour and its planning.

The other main reason we included advertising is to generate enough revenue to keep the retail cost of the book affordable. We felt the price needed to be below $30. That’s what we’ve accomplished.

As soon as we get distribution of this First Edition underway, we will begin the process of updating, revising and improving the contents for a Second Edition due three years later.