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Hi Cole,

My wife bought me a first edition in 2012 and I really enjoyed it.  I’ve bought two since then from local vendors for gifts.  This one is number four and destined for yet another friend.  I guess that means I really like it!
Thanks again for creating a great guide.

Roger S.
Kalispell, Mont.

April 25, 2013

It seems a review of “Motorcycling Montana,” posted on the FJR Forum by Fred Wills in Connecticut, brought quite a few books orders. Thanks, Fred! The review, for you skeptics, was entirely spontaneous. Fred bought a book and was impressed thus:

“I have always had a strong yearning to ride and explore some of the wide open spaces of the Western US on motorcycle, with one of the bigger draws being touring in and around the national parks of Montana, Yellowstone and Glacier. So naturally when I caught wind of this guide book I had to get myself a copy.

“The book is quite a substantial offering. It is a handy 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ page format, convenient size for stashing in a saddle or tank bag, with a 1 1/2” plastic spiral wound binding of 488 pages plus fold out sectional dividers. The guide is printed on heavy gauge glossy paper stock with heavier card gauge stock outside pages and dividers, all with high resolution photos and maps throughout. It is shipped with a copy of the Montana Official State Highway Map as a reference.

“The book is divided into the six major geographical sections of the state: Glacier Country, Russell Country, Missouri River Country, Custer Country, Yellowstone Country and Gold West Country. Each “Country” section has an overview map (on the handy foldout divider) and an overview of what to expect in that region, along with some background info about the people, places, demographics, history and modern day conditions of the area. Then various possible touring routes are laid out, including highlighted map insets, along with the author’s own insights and experiences along those routes. At the end of each section a small area is provided for you to make your own notes.

“The book is not just your usual tour guide, nor just a collection of one guy’s ride reports through the regions, but rather it is a seamless combination of the two. The insights of a fellow rider who has lived, ridden and written about these roads for decades is an invaluable asset to a potential visitor. No doubt, it will help avoid the possible pitfalls, avoiding tourist traffic and boring highways in favor of the local gold nuggets of the secondary highways, byways and local roads and help you be more prepared for conditions and climate when you do make that memorable road trip.

“Though the book is written as a guide book, I read it from cover to cover for the entertainment. I particularly enjoyed the sections about riding in and around Glacier Country, Yellowstone, and of course the famous routes over Chief Joseph pass and the Beartooth Highway. Knowing more about these great rides will make trip planning a breeze, and even more enjoyable when I get out there.

“Scattered throughout the guide are advertisements from various establishments located along the route or region who cater to the needs of the traveling motorcyclist, which sure seems like would be a great resource to have along when out on the road.

“The high resolution photography is all top notch in my esteem, and has me salivating, anxious to get out and experience the Big Sky Country more than ever. I would highly recommend getting yourself a copy to bring along if you’ll be headed that way any time soon, or even just to join me in dreaming of the day.

“Although it may sound otherwise, I have no affiliation to the author or publisher other than knowing him through the forum. I purchased my copy from him directly (from the web site linked to above) with no strings attached. I just think he has done a fantastic job in sharing his insider perspective on his home state with his fellow two wheelers, and wanted to share the opportunity with anyone else who might be headed that way.”

Wow! Thanks for the kudos, Fred!

And here are some responses the review generated:

“Cole even has some routes this old Montana boy didn’t know. Had to buy the damn book … and liked it.”

– Niehart

“Dang it Fred, the other day you screwed me out of 45 minutes when you posted up a link to an oil filter video and today you cost me $35 on a book. I’m riding Montana in July and it should come in handy.

“You’re KILLING me here, Fred!”

– Abercrombie

“I would do another 28 days doing the rides from this mentioned book. It too looks awesome.”


“Thanks Fred, very timely post.

“I didn’t know about this book. It will be very useful this year as I plan on doing the Road to the Sun then heading south through Idaho, pick up some tires and bits for my moped, then head home via Wyoming and Montana.

“Ordered my copy today.”


“Ordered the book – awesome resource!”

– David Foley

“I have five riders coming up to Boise from So. Cal. the end of July. We will head out for Kalispell and use that area for our home base and explore from there. This book looks like a great source of information.

“Thanks for the post, Fred W.”

– Fly Bye

“Just ordered mine, thanks for the information!”

– RPrice

Here are some comments from readers:

Jan. 10, 2013

Hi Cole,

I just received your book, all I can say I have a hard time putting it down. It was exactly what I was looking for. I am planning a trip out your way (in 2013), and as you state in the book I am really looking for the out of the way places. Of course I need to see Glacier, Beartooth, and West Yellowstone.

Grand Rapids, MN

Dec. 12, 2013


I heard about (“Motorcycling Montana”) on the radio a few months ago, then I Googled it and got your web site. My dad is in his 70s, 4th generation Montanan, he wants to ride his bike to all of Montana’s county seats, so I thought he’d enjoy planning his trips this winter. Maybe you could sign his book, too, if it’s not too much trouble.

Thank you,

 May 7, 2012

“Hi Cole,

“I bought this book for my boyfriend. He has looked through it and loves it! Smart choice on the spiral binding. He can’t wait to do some of the rides in the book. I think we saw it in a bar that was selling it actually.

“Great Book!”

Frances Bonnett

Missoula, Mont.


May 3, 2012


“I just wanted to tell you how much we have enjoyed the book and the newspaper (new – Northern Rockies Rider). The publication was with perfect timing. We are planing a trip to Montana this summer to ride with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law from Willsal (MT). We ride with my parents who are in their seventies, my brother and his wife and my aunt and uncle. We all ride ‘Wings, mom and dad’s being a trike.

” Our trip should start June 23 and end July 3. We are going to ride the Beartooth, a little of Yellowstone and north of Willsal.
 “I want to tell you how much the paper gets read at work. Me and my friends ride but we all ride different brands and we have really enjoyed the unbiased open-minded approach you present  for better motorcycling.

“If by chance you and your wife are free during our trip, we would offer an invitation to ride with us.

“Again, thanks and safe riding.

–Bob Randall

Gurnee, Ill.


April 19, 2012


“The book arrived as scheduled and I have been enjoying it very much. I also appreciate the copy of Northern Rockies Rider that you sent. Both publications have gotten my wife and me excited about visiting Montana on our motorcycles…

“If you have any favorite alternatives to suggest, or would care to warn us away from any stretches, I’d be most appreciative to hear from you.

“Thanks again for the great publications.

–Jim Elder

Spokane, WA

March 28, 2012

“Thanks again, Cole.  It was great to talk with you and see the enthusiasm you have for this sport.  I’m looking forward to a summer of riding using your (CD version of the) book & maps!  It’ll be something new for me but I’ll work on writing about my rides as well.


“Enjoy the rest of your week!”

Peter Farmer

Huson, Mont.

March 26, 2012

“Hi & Good Mornin’ Cole,

“This is Kevin this go round here. I have a riding buddy Rick on HD Softtail with a weeks vacation April 2-9 just around the corner. He wants to get to MT, Red Lodge at least. Would you any other suggested MT hit locations for 2-3 day trip for that time of year? He has to be mindful of snow & ice on roads & currently with limited cold weather gear. He is purchasing overpants & gloves to finish out the coverings.



“Thanks a 100 for your thoughts & your authorship in the BOOK.

Kevin Griffith

Gillette, Wyo.

“Thanks Cole!  If I purchased the CD version, could you just e-mail the PDF so I can avoid shipping costs?  I hope I’m not being too difficult a customer.

“By the way, I love the book version but the PDF version, with only a few pages printed, would be easier to fit in my tank bag.  🙂  I appreciate that you offer two versions.



“Thank you Cole!  I’m looking forward to discovering Montana in more detail on my bike thanks to you!”
Peter Farmer

Huson, MT

Mar 20, 2012

Hi Cole,

I picked up the guidebook I ordered at the Post Office yesterday. Thanks for the very prompt shipment. As soon as I got home, I cracked it open and started reading. Frankly, I can’t put it down! It reads like a great novel listed on the NY Times bestseller list!

All I can say is “WOW!” What a phenomenal job you have done creating this masterpiece. I like everything about the content and format:

– The high quality of the printing, paper & binding

– The style and organization

– The detailed maps (and the included Montana State [highway] map)

– Marilyn’s “Passenger Perspective” (my wife Judy really enjoyed her comments)

– The overview sections of the state and each region

– The advertising

Thank you for publishing such a great reference tool to riding here in our great state of Montana. I will definitely spread the word to all my riding friends.


Jon Hesketh

Livingston, MT

March 19, 2012

“I did a search on Google ‘Motorcycling Montana’ and your web site popped up. Looking forward to receiving it! I’ll spread the word among my motorcycling friends.”

Jon Hesketh

Livingston, MT

March 17, 2012

“Hello Cole~

“We received the book today and my husband loves  it so far~ Yes we are looking forward to riding in Montana this summer ~ He is looking at it as I write this~ I just came from Nebraska where it was in the 80’s~ I love that kind of weather personally. LOL

“Thanks again for putting out a great book.”

Lisa Griffith

Gillette, Wyo.

Feb. 6, 2012


“I have read the Yellowstone Country section of the book and have passed it along to my riding buddies. Great stuff and very informative. BTW: I think I found your book on the Motorcycle Forum.

“Yes, there are three of us coming out and we have secured the airline tickets and bike rentals for the trip out. We have not booked lodging yet. Maybe you can help us with that.

“…First came out on our honeymoon in 1981, driving a 4X4 pickup with camper insert around for 10 days, we named our first child, a dog, Bozeman. Have been to Livingston Rodeo on July 4th a few times, rented a house in Paradise Valley one week, just love white water and hot springs… Getting the picture yet? You have great country!”

“A motorcycle-only trip out there has been on my bucket list for a while… One of my main objectives was to ride the Beartooth and Chief Joseph highways…”

–Nick DiSabatino, Wilmington, DE

Jan. 31, 2012


“Thanks for your book! I am sure (my son) Travis will enjoy it, not just to read but as a friendly guide to cycling Montana. I liked the ‘passenger point of view’ and safety tips from (your wife) Marilyn.”

– Rick Starkel, Helena, MT

Jan. 26, 2012


“I received the book this week. I have just been discharged from the hospital after a total hip replacement. It has provided some very good reading and great incentive to get back on the motorcycle!


– Maureen Swanson-Warren, Lethbridge, Alberta

“The book is fantastic!”

–Lloyd Cross, Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada

“Hey Cole,

“I received a copy of Motorcycling Montana for Christmas and have to tell you, it is most entertaining and informative. I found it hard to put down. It’s something I will keep close to me for a long time to come. Thanks!

“By the way, our show in Kalispell is set for May 19, 2012. I hope you’ll attend again.”

–Steve Kelly, President, Serious Motorcycle Enthusiasts Group, Kalispell, MT

“Received your book and is greatly appreciated. I am a retired NYC Firefighter/Fire Marshal. I am planning a MC tour with fellow riders and am interested in touring Montana … I have been riding HD pretty near my entire adult life and my present ride is a ’99 Road King which I bought new. I was planning to organize my own tour and ride as I have done multiple times up here in the Northeast, Blue Ridge, Florida, etc.

“I have been researching numerous web sites and found your book which I ordered, received and am presently reading with great positive review. Your background and experience seems to be similar to mine as being both methodical and your attention to detail and your book portrays the same.

“I would definitely recommend your book to all who are contemplating visiting Montana, be it a car or motorcycle. Thanks again!”

–Jim Saccomanno, New York City

“Hi Cole,

“I did received your book in good condition.  Just starting to go through it and so far I’m pleased with the content because, same as you, we are secondary scenic roads riders looking for fun, technical roads with scenery.

“Hoping to meet you down the road somewhere in Montana next summer.”

–Nil Fortier, Lachine, Quebec

“I’m looking forward to next summer!  Got one of the books for my brother for xmas and I had to get one for myself too.”

–William Pace, Colchester, VT

“I have received them but am giving them as a Christmas Gift to our son.  I’m sure he will love them.  Thanks for getting them to me so quickly.”

–Gail Brown, Helena, MT

“They look awesome!!!  Thank you.”

–Ruth Wilson, Woodstock, CT

“I saw your add in Cycle World magazine.  Received the two books on Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011.  I will be giving one as a gift to my good riding buddy & we will see you next summer!”

–Rod Dawson, Bakersfield, CA

“Hello Cole,


“The book came today. Wow! Worth every penny.  I know a friend of mine who will probably order one after he sees mine. Thanks much and God bless.”

–Joel Anderson, Junction City, WI

“Hi Cole- Thanks so much for your email. Our son just moved out to Bozeman and my husband is a backroads motorcycle fanatic…he can’t wait to ride out there —so your book is a perfect Christmas gift. Thank you so much. Am sure it will be his favorite gift…and will be spending most of Christmas day reading it cover to cover! Have a great holiday. Thanks.”

­–Patti Gramse, Cape Elizabeth, ME

“Hi Cole!


“My name is Sally Murphy.  I manage the bookstore at the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center in Great Falls.  I’m looking to buy some copies (probably a dozen to start) of Motorcycling Montana for resale in our store… Please let me know how to proceed as I’ve had several inquiries for this title already! Thanks!”

–Sally Murphy, Director of Special Events & Sales, Lewis & Clark Foundation, Great falls, MT

“I got the book this afternoon. I think it is great. This is a gift for my father for Christmas. He and my mom are avid motorcyclists even though they are in their 80’s. They travel on a trike now but spend as much time on their bike as they can. Thank you for the great book, he will love it.”

–Suzanne Larsen, Cody, WY



“Just finished reading and (have) in mind riding the great roads you describe.  It will be a part of my planning when we ride Montana.  Ordered one for a friend for Christmas so I hope he spread the information with riders in Central Wyoming…


“Hope to see a second addition with more.  Come down to WY and will make it a border cross over ride.


“Keep the rubber side down as they say…..



–Fran Scranton, Worland, WY

“I purchased a dozen extra copies of your magnificent “Motorcycling
Montana” and everyone has enjoyed them immensely! Aside from the great
content, many have noted the tough stock you printed on, which will
make it a great travel companion that will wear well when tossed into
a saddlebag! Thank you!”

Dick Smith (HD Ultra Classic), Owner, Iron Horse Saloon and Casino,
Forsyth, MT

“We did receive our cop(ies) of the book and it looks great … We
would like to receive 4 (more) books to have in our bar, let me know
how to get them.”

Lori Ardisson, Longbranch, Ennis, MT

“I received the book today, which I am giving to a family member for
Christmas … The content of the book looks great, and should provide
some interesting reference material.”

Jennifer Gruber, Shelby, MT

” Before I even put them out an employee who grew up around the
Choteau area wanted a book. I thought that was good turn around time
for resale purposes!”

Jacque Thomas, KrisCo Liquor, Missoula, MT

“I haven’t spent too much time in the book but I have a copy on the
bar and a lot of my customers thought it was very well planned out and
very helpful. It shows that a lot of thought went into it and I feel
that it is a very good value.”

Joann Fuller, Owner, Timber Bar, Big Timber, MT

“I looked through it and thought it was well laid out. I think it’s a
good value for the money.”

Julia Brewer
Old Montana Prison Complex Museum, Deer Lodge, MT

“I got my copy of Motorcycling Montana and it looks very impressive. I
plan to give it to my husband John for Christmas. We have spend
countless hours riding the scenic roads of Montana and I know that
John and his motorcycling buddies will get great enjoyment out of this
publication. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.”

Wendie Miller, St. Paul, MN

“I like the book … $30 is quite a lot for a book but hopefully
people will see the value. I really do like the presentation,
organization and the way you have co-coordinated maps, advertisements
and general information.”

Angela Beaumont, the Pollard Hotel, Red Lodge, MT

“I got the books and they are absolutely great! So much nature and color! Thank you! Great Job!”
Carla Hunsley, Executive Director, Missouri River Country Tourism Region, Fort Peck, MT

“Does the book represent a good consumer value at the $29.95 price? YES!
“Are the production qualities up to or beyond your expectations? YES!
“Is the content relevant? Is the content comprehensive? YES & YES!
“Well designed for use & durability. Riders will be getting a comprehensive guide to Montana.”

Lou Ann Nelson, Livingston Area Chamber of Commerce, Livingston, MT

“I thumbed through the book yesterday and thought it a great value even though I’m not a motorcycle guy. The photography was great, the colors vibrant and the maps wonderful. Great work!”
John Tooke, Golden Spur, Miles City, MT

“Overall I was impressed with the book.”
Janet Prescott, The Office (restaurant, bar, liquor store and casino), Livingston, MT

“We think (the book) looks great, and is exactly what we expected. The print quality looks really good. I wasn’t in the store when they were delivered, but I think we sold one immediately and had another customer pipe up with, “Hey, I should have thought of that.” (Right, buddy, too late now.) I don’t think there will be any problem carrying the $29.95 price. Our ad looks awesome. Nice job. Thanks!
Marsha Phillips, ?F-11 Photographic Supplies?, Bozeman, MT

“I think that your book was very well done. Of all the books we have seen come out lately, this is truly our favorite. It is user friendly, sturdy and informative. Nice job!? ?Thanks!”
Bobby Lincoln, Del’s Bar & Joe Blogz, Somers, MT

“I think the book looks great. Better than what I expected, actually. Pages are thick so they should be hard to tear…”
Nate Hauser, Big Sky Motorsports (BMW), Midssoula, MT

“I just received my copy of ‘Motorcycling Montana.’ It is much more informative and complete than what I expected. The photography in the book is just spectacular. I can’t wait for spring so I can ride up to Montana from Texas and take in all the wonderful sites.
“I especially like, believe it or not, having the advertisers in the book. Never having been to Montana, the listed cafes, motels and places to visit can only enhance my trip.
“Anyone planning to visit Montana should have this book with them as their guide. This is a must-have book weather you are motorcycling or driving to and in Montana.”

Roger Caron, Katy, TX

“Your tome arrived today in perfect condition (where is your autograph?). I immediately turned to the Beartooth (Highway review) and enjoyed! You will prosper.”
Gaylen Fischer, Davenport, IA

“Just got it in the mail. Looks great! Looking forward to reading it. Thanks!”
James Faust, Tumwater, WA

“Good, good, good!”
Laurie Rettig, Ft. Benton, MT

“Wow!! What an awesome book! Good job!”
Beverly Tuxill, Butte, MT

“I think it is a winner!”
Darla Kelman, Great Falls, MT

“Fine pictures, fine writing all the way through. First class!”
Bob Koch, Helena, MT

“This book should be promoted to people riding in a cage. It is truly wonderful. I wish my copy had been signed.”
Roger Caron, Katy, TX

“It is an awesome book, have been showing it to everyone. Very well received!!
Rick Tuxill, Butte, MT

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