Epic ride

I just rode 1,600 miles in five days: Day 1 – Butte, MT to Bonners Ferry, ID; Day 2 – to Creston, Kaslow, New Denver, Nakusp and Vernon in B.C.; Day 3 – then south to Republic, Colville, Ione, Usk and Spokane, WA, then Plummer, ID; Day 4 – then back into Washington to Tekoa, St. John and all over the Palouse County, to Colfax and Pullman, WA; Day 5 – then to Moscow, Kendrick, and via P1 to Orofino, then over Lolo Pass on US Hwy 12 to Lolo, Missoula and home. Rained from Missoula to Trout Creek on Day 1, then warm and sunny, hitting almost 80 on Sunday and Monday. A storm went over US 12 (Lolo Pass) before I did on Day 5 so the pavement was wet and I had to keep the corner speeds down. Just past Lowell, there was a motorcycle wreck that happened about 30 minutes before I passed through the scene. Later I read a 47-year-old Florida woman, a passenger, died and the driver was taken to a hospital. That will slow you down! Still, an awesome ride on some of the best motorcycle roads in North America.

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