Beartooth Harley Davidson buys 32 copies of Motorcycling Montana

Beartooth Harley Davidson and High Mountain Motorsports in Billings, Montana, had an initial quantity of 18 copies of Motorcycling Montana. They called yesterday and were down to just one book so they bought two more cases (32 books)! This is a top flight motorcycle dealership and they know a thing or two about retailing and merchandising.

In addition, the Town Pump convenience stores in Montana initially ordered 510 copies. We sent them 110 more copies in late February and now have 71 more copies we’re getting ready to ship.

We’re now down to about 200 copies from the initial press run of 2,600 and the motorcycle touring season hasn’t even begun here. Looks like I’ll be talking to the printer in Great Falls, Montana, early next week to set up another run. To maintain my price, I’ll need to order another 2,500. But, man, that ties up a lot of money! Besides, where do I store 156 cases of books? My bikes will not be sitting out in the weather while their parking spots are filled with books! Rent a storage unit? More expense!

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