Nearly 300 book retailers now have the books

I got in from the road Monday morning (Nov. 7) carrying my last shipment of 600 books from the printer. I had been on the road for five days doing deliveries and having a little fun along my last 1,200-mile delivery route (yes, I did venture into North Dakota!). Now, almost 3,500 miles after I started, nearly 300 book re-sellers across the Big Sky have their books for retail. The comments have been overwhelmingly positive and we appreciate it. Check out the “Feedback” section in the home-page header.

There were some Internet orders piled up when I fired up the Mac yesterday but we processed them right away and they were in the mail by Monday night. We’re finding the books – shipped Priority Mail – are arriving within 3-5 days.

I’ve been at a break-neck pace since July 1 and I need to slow down. So I’m heading for the woods this afternoon for a few days of hunting, aiming to put some good whitetail venison in the freezer for the winter. The serenity of the river-bottom woods will be a fine contrast to my go-go lifestyle of the last four months. Besides, we have snow on the ground and it got down near zero the other night. One bike has been put up under its winter blankets, the other is on the battery tender still coated in bugs and road grime from my last good ride Oct. 14-16 through some of western Montana and the Idaho Panhandle. Splendid! The memories will have to hold me now until spring is here.

You still have plenty of time to order books as Christmas gifts for your favorite rider, or for yourself! This is also the time to start planning next year’s “ride of a lifetime” to Montana, Yellowstone and Glacier Parks, and all the other superb but little known routes we’ll clue you in on.

Cole Boehler
Editor and Publisher
Motorcycling Montana


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