The press run starts 10/5

Well, the proofing process took a little longer than expected and we implemented a few minor fixes along the way, all to be expected I suppose.

The press starts tomorrow, October 5 and will run through October 7. Meanwhile we start the folding, collating, trimming, punching and spiral-binding. The printers told me yesterday they think I could have my first 500 copies as early as Oct. 17, best case, and as late as Oct. 21, worst case.

We will then begin distribution to our retail vendors around Montana, almost 150 outlets. One company bought 522 copies for resale! At the same time, we will begin shipping copies to our Internet purchasers. Many of you folks will see your copies around the end of October. By the way, thanks for the faith you demonstrated in us by ordering in advance.

We are in the process of writing a news release and will be visiting with travel and outdoors editors around the state. We are also planning to run a couple of trial book signings. A design process is underway to allow the book to be purchased as a download or on CD/DVD. I am writing a series of columns as an introduction to motorcycling, designed to run in weekly installments, that I’m hoping newspaper editors will pick up and start running in mid- to late winter, just when we all ought to be thinking about the coming riding season. So far, nine are complete. Yup, still plenty to keep us busy as we near the finish line.

Cole Boehler
Editor and Publisher
Motorcycling Montana

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