Notes from the road: Books are selling as I deliver them to resellers

I’ve logged about 2,000 miles in the last two weeks and have covered about half the state. All this travel reinforces why, and how much, I love Montana. It’s not just the vastness and remoteness and never ending scenic beauty; it’s also the people and the communities. I never, ever tire of it. That’s why I plan to die here (with luck).

I handed Bob the three books he’d ordered for resale. . . within 30 seconds two of them were sold!

I stopped at Del’s saloon, restaurant and casino in Somers up on the north shore of Flathead Lake on Wednesday. Bob Lincoln, the owner, was at a buddy bar with some of his cronies. I handed Bob the three books he’d ordered for resale and, no kidding, within 30 seconds two of them were sold! I had to go out to the truck and bring in two more to make sure Bob had enough inventory.

Yesterday I delivered two book to Tom Laughlin at the Paradise Falls restaurant in Missoula. He said he was impressed. He called me this morning and said he’d sold the two I left, and had orders for three more so send him four!

Last night I made delivery to the White Front in Philipsburg, fulfilling their six-book order. The bartender bought me a beer and before I had it down, three of the books had sold, and those new owners had me autograph their copies. I think I like the way this is going.

I’m having a ball, in fact. Tomorrow (Saturday): Dillon, Twin Bridges, Sheridan, Alder, Virginia City, Ennis, Bozeman, Belgrade, Three Forks, Whitehall and home – a “short” delivery route of just 275 miles. Next week we wrap it up with a 1,000-mile trip through the southern and eastern regions. That will mean over 1,500 wholesale copies have been delivered, which leaves just over 900 left. Hurry! The holidays are approaching and these make ideal gifts for your favorite motorcycle enthusiast.

Cole Boehler
Editor and Publisher
Motorcycling Montana

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