On schedule for printed books by mid-October!

The book files were sent to the printer Saturday and Sunday, September 24-25. Today, the printers are creating press-match proofs that we will be inspecting tomorrow, September 27. Once we sign off on the proofs, the press will roll! They tell us the printing won’t take long, but that collating and bindery will – up to two weeks as much of it involves hand assembly.

So we are on schedule to have books as early as October 10 and no later than October 17, 2011. Shipping will commence immediately after.

The book wound up as 512 total pages. This includes 381 photographs and 124 map excerpts!

We can’t wait to get one in our hands!

Thanks for the advance orders. We still have around 900 copies from the first press run of 2,500 that will be sold at our introductory rate of $29.95, plus $9.50 shipping and handling.

Cole Boehler
Editor and Publisher
Motorcycling Montana

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