Montana is a true motorcycling Mecca.
Now there is a comprehensive and
motorcycle-friendly guide
to Motorcycling Montana.

Cole Boehler, unfortunately, left this earth on April 30th, 2016. He died in an accident on the Jefferson River in Southwest Montana. He was a wonderful husband, father, brother, friend, colleague, and mentor.

Motorcycling was a passion to him. He shared this love with many and he will always be remembered through his words, the photographs that he shared, and conversational style of writing that was truly unique.

The last three years have been very painful and full of difficult decisions. Without Cole, we will no longer continue to print more publications. When the inventory we have in stock is gone, we won’t be ordering additional press runs.

Remember his words: “Ride hard, ride free, ride well and ride safe!”


Motorcycling Montana is the definitive and only motorcyclist’s guide to touring Montana. Nearly 200 routes in 500 pages of informative text, maps and photos in a spiral-bound 8.5” x 5.5” format. Fold it open and slip it into the map pocket on a tank bag or other storage compartment for quick and easy reference. Printed on uncoated paper stock to eliminate glare. Motorcycling Montana is organized along the state’s six tourism regions, delineated with handy “gatefold” dividers.

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Also available at fuel/C-stores, motels, restaurants, taverns, entertainment venues, attractions and, of course, motorcycle shops. Find out more about the book. . . or view excerpts. . .


Last nite I finished Motorcycling Montana. Thank you, great book!

Exactly what I hoped for. The book is written exactly right, great roads (your evaluations matched my memories of the routes I have gotten to ride in years past), very well written and enjoyable to me to read. The only problem, I can’t be there right now to ride!

Salida, Colo.


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If the magazines have the same excellent content as your book, I want everything you print!

If the magazines have the same excellent content as your book, I want everything you print!  Just let me know how to order and it is a done deal.  And keep my email address. If you come out with a book for any other state, we want it.

Not kidding Motorcycling Montana is the best guide I have ever seen, in or out of a bookstore.  Nice sturdy coated paper that should take abuse and a few raindrops, spiral binding that will lay flat on any page.  Cut the perfect size for a saddlebag. Reads like a conversation, but is loaded with the info of a guidebook. I’m not getting any work done today!

Thanks to you, I now have to pitch my tour plan and start over!  There is so much we would have missed.  Even the ads are appropriate and well thought out for riders, all of that is entirely appropriate and does not feel the least bit commercial, just feels like a bonus part of the guide.  I’ve seen as many places I’d like to visit in the ads as in the text.  I need one of you in every state we visit!


Youngstown, Ohio


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This book is incredible!

I had a rough plan on where I wanted to go on my trip this summer when I visit Montana. That has all gone to hell in a hand basket. I now want to zig zag all over your beautiful state with little time spent where I had originally planned.

This book is an amazing wealth of information. I’m looking forward to riding these routes and also visiting some of the small bars and restaurants that you have recommended.

I’m really happy I ordered it now instead of waiting until I reached Spokane. I have much more time to play with it now.

Thanks, for a first rate guide.

Tom Buckley
Nanaimo, B.C.


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Not Your Usual Tour Guide

From the FJR Forum


“The book is not just your usual tour guide, nor just a collection of one guy’s ride reports through the regions, but rather it is a seamless combination of the two. The insights of a fellow rider who has lived, ridden and written about these roads for decades is an invaluable asset to a potential visitor.”

–Fred Wills, Southern Connecticut

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This will be a ‘must own’.

Jan. 10, 2013

“Hi Cole,

“I just received your book, and all I can say is I have a hard time putting it down. It was exactly what I was looking for. I am planning a trip out your way (in 2013) and, as you state in the book, I am really looking for the out-of-the way-places. Of course I need to see Glacier, Beartooth, and West Yellowstone!”

Grand Rapids, MN

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Thanks for creating a great guide’.

Hi Cole,

My wife bought me a first edition in 2012 and I really enjoyed it.  I’ve bought two since then from local vendors for gifts.  This one is number four and destined for yet another friend.  I guess that means I really like it!
Thanks again for creating a great guide.

Roger S.
Kalispell, Mont.

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